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Icons created to be added to Water Mission's icon library.

top view mockup 1.png

branding suite

Created as a student project, this was an exercise in creating a family of brand colors and fonts for a hypothetical coffee brand. The branding was then applied to collateral like cups, mugs, menus, and business cards.

This branding was inspired by simple, modern coffee brands, and the inclusion of natural textures like craft paper and wood to bring in a Nordic feel.

advertisement concept

A student project that was created as an exercise in both creating a product design, and then applying said design to an advertisement within the previous brand aesthetic.

With this piece in particular, I took a look at both previous Starbucks cold tumbler designs, as well as their recent drink advertisements and how they use type while still keeping their brand recognizable, especially with seasonal launches.

sbux ad 1.png
helplessness blues.jpg

album cover

This student project required us to reimagine an already existing album cover, and to use typography in tandem with imagery to create a design that still fell within the artist's vision for the original album design.

This album, from the Seattle band Fleet Foxes, uses descriptive language in their lyrics that set the scenes for their songs. A music video was created for one of their songs that had very distinct and recognizable imagery (by designers Stacey Rozich and Sean Pecknold), so I used carefully selected stills from that video to create this design. The text was treated in a way to make it blend with the video stills, not to look too distinct from the visual language the stills created.


gum packaging

A student project, meant as an exercise in brand consistency. The goal was to create a package design for a specific type of product, then design series of product packages that shared a similar visual language.

This product is a hypothetic series of Pür gum meant to aid in mental focus. The design was kept very clean, and almost clinical, with the flavors illustrated in photos contrasting the simple lines of the rest of the design. 


water from wine

Wine labels created in partnership between Water Mission and Water from Wine.

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